We optimise your digital platforms to increase conversion.

Our work involves critically evaluating your online channel. We identify problem areas and use a hypotheses-driven design process to reach the optimal solution.

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Bienalto helps Bingle boost mobile conversion rate with innovative optimisation

In the highly competitive insurance industry, insurers need to seize every opportunity they can to win new customers. So when Bingle saw that potential customers were abandoning the quote funnel on their mobile phones every day, they knew they had to act.

Bingle’s mobile usage and conversation rates were striking. A highly significant percentage of all people getting a quote online used their mobile phones to do so. Yet, the conversion rate for mobile users was 15% less than that of desktop.

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Our Expertise

  • Optimisation

    We can optimise your online customer acquisition funnel and conversion rate through testing offers, experiences and messages.

  • We can design and manage highly relevant email programs that will increase your customer engagement.

  • Experience

    We can design user-centric mobile and web experiences that will deliver business results.


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