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29 July 2009

Frontline campaign exemplifies the power of online


There’s a marked difference in the execution of marketing campaigns offline and online.

Offline, you design a campaign, launch it with a big bang and, voila, you’re done. Online, however, the ‘big bang’ is but a part of the journey.

In fact, it marks the start of a valuable ‘extend and expand’ phase – where you continually test and grow the campaign, adding new elements and attracting more people to it as you go.

Frontline Systems, a leading IT infrastructure and services provider in Australia, has embraced the online paradigm and implemented a highly successful campaign for brand positioning and market development. The Solaris is IT campaign – which is still in progress – is a prime example of the ‘extend and expand’ philosophy at work.

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29 July 2009

Using faceted search to sift through soil products


Camden Soil Mix provides products and services to customers in horticulture, agriculture, viticulture, civil works and commercial landscaping; as well as services in earth management to local councils.

Customers rely on the diverse range of sustainable, organic products on offer, and need the ability to find the right product to suit their growing or landscaping application.

Following acquisition by WSN Environmental Solutions, the business undertook a market analysis and segmentation project and, from this, developed a focused strategy to engage key categories of customers. They sought to re-design the website with these customers top of mind – so that each market segment could find what they were looking for quickly and easily.

Bienalto was engaged to devise the new site. The resulting architecture – which utilises faceted search on the WordPress platform – intuitively guides customers to the products they seek; whilst remaining supportive of WSN’s design aesthetic and sustainability focus.

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29 July 2009

Integration: a must-have for event marketers

Getting your systems to talk to each other is one of the most sure-fire ways to achieve efficiency and boost business performance. This holds particularly true for marketers.

Following the recent launch of our Events Manager solution, we’ve been rolling up our sleeves and helping clients integrate the solution with their CRM.

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23 July 2009

Make it so. Proudly built by Bienalto.

We’re excited about today’s launch of Make it so, an exciting new public awareness campaign from Engineers Australia.

The campaign seeks to change the way Australians think and talk about engineering. When asked what an engineer does, most of us would say, “They build bridges”. But, in fact, they do so much more.

Make it so will show everyday Australians that engineering teams make things happen.

We encourage you to show your support for this fantastic campaign – read on to find out more and see how Bienalto is involved.

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15 July 2009

Bienalto on board with APSMA

Bienalto has become a Bronze Sponsor of the Asia-Pacific Professional Services Marketing Association’s (APSMA) 2009 Conference.

To be held in September 2009, the conference theme is “Cultivating value” – a topic close to our heart. In everything that we do at Bienalto, we strive to add value to our clients’ marketing programs. Whether it’s finding a way to integrate their CRM with our Events Manager solution; or recommending a brand-new way to generate leads; or suggesting an alternative to an existing website’s Experience Architecture – our goal is take clients beyond their goals and into new territory when it comes to online marketing.

We look forward to hearing what the speakers have to say at the APSMA conference, and hope to see you there too.

Conference details will be posted on the APSMA website shortly.